Skill Development Initiative

This initiative has been crafted to create an E-2-E, sustainable, ecosystem to train and send Indian skilled workforce to Japan under the name “SAMURAI’S OF INDIA”.
As a part of this initiative over 100,000 Indian workers: both blue collared and white collared candidates shall be given the requisite training in the Japanese language, business etiquette, degradation of skills in India and Japan under various models and schemes.

Our Initiaitves

National Electric Vehicle Initiative

Lithification Project

Skilled Samurais of India

Education Initiative

Media Initiative

Health & Wellness Initiative


Inspired by the potential of India-Japan Global Partnership, ITSUMO was established to empower businesses through green economy.
ITSUMO is an enterprise and is a strong proponent of the Alternative Development Model (ADM) and works with an incentive structure that balances all the interests equitably while empowering the people and the environment without resorting to exploitation.



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